chapter  19
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Broadband & Home Networks

WithJohn J. Lombardi

This chapter briefly reviews the development of broadband and home networks, discusses the types and uses of broadband technologies, and examines the status and future developments of these exciting technologies. Broadband networks can use a number of different technologies to deliver service. The most common broadband technologies include digital subscriber line (DSL), cable modem, satellite, fiber cable networks, and wireless technologies. DSL is a technology that supplies broadband Internet access over regular telephone lines with service being provided by various local carriers nationwide. There are several types of DSL available, but asymmetrical DSL is the most widely used for broadband Internet access. With the upgrade to hybrid fiber/coaxial cable networks, cable television operators began offering broadband Internet access. For those people who live out of DSL’s reach and in rural areas without cable, satellite broadband Internet access is an option.