chapter  21
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The Internet

WithStephanie Bor, Boehmer Jan

This chapter examines Internet technology by beginning with a review of its origins and rise to popularity. It discusses developments in online marketing, social interaction, and politics in relation to their impact on the current state of the Internet. The chapter highlights several issues related to the Internet that are anticipated to receive attention in future debate and research. The impact of the Internet on its users’ lives is widespread and diverse, as it influences the ways in which people understand salient issues in their lives, such as their health, government, and communities. Internet growth in the early 2000s can be attributed to consumers’ attraction to certain Web features and applications. For example, online gaming, radio, instant messaging, health-focused websites, and pornography were all highly instrumental in enticing new Internet users. In terms of romantic relationships, research shows that the Internet can have varying levels of impact for couples in committed relationships.