chapter  22
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Social Networks

WithRachel A. Stuart

The role of social media has come to permeate almost every aspect of both our online and real world experiences. One way to think about the difference between social networking sites and social media is to think about how the Internet and the World Wide Web are delineated. Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook clearly helped the cementing of social media within the landscape of the Internet. Social media, like other innovations of Web 2.0, display the hallmark of constant and consistent innovation. Each of the aforementioned sites have continued to grow and adapt the ever-changing wants and desires of their users and the Internet society. Social media is a mirror of the Internet as a whole—an organic, seemingly living breathing thing that is at times unpredictable and volatile. One of the most interesting and exciting new forms of social media to come on the scene since 2015 are live streaming apps like Periscope and Meerkat.