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Appendix A: The censored passages of The Tragedy of Jane Shore

The censored passages of
ByThe Tragedy of Jane Shore Claudine van Hensbergen

In the Bodleian copy, the pamphlet, which carries its own title page, is bound in following an advertisement for books at the close of Rowe’s Poems on Several Occasions. Curll prints the censored lines as a stand-alone text. Their correlation to the formatting of Lintot’s editions is not entirely clear, but Curll may intend the lines to be read as a piece of continuous text, substituting the dialogue found in Lintot’s second edition at lines 159-189. If this is the case, Curll is making far more revisions to Lintot’s text than Johnson: Curll excises Gloster’s words spoken between lines 164-168 (‘from thence, at full . . . The Queen he left behind him –’); the latter lines are retained in Johnson’s pirate edition. Curll’s text also excises ten lines of Hastings’s speech found between lines 172-181 (‘Did not the King, . . . Each Day with some fantastick giddy Change?’); again, these lines are retained in Johnson’s edition. It may be the case that Curll removed these lines for the purposes of fi tting the passages within two pages, substituting them with double em dashes to represent where original text had been omitted. However, such an explanation is problematized by the inclusion of a further double em dash at the close of Gloster’s penultimate line, which is clearly employed to indicate a pause and not excised language.