chapter  Chapter 10
CPRT Training Session 3: Parent-Child Play Session Skills and Procedures
WithGarry L. Landreth, Sue C. Bratton
Pages 20

The major focus for Training session is preparing parents to be successful in their first 30-minute home play session, including specifics on what to tell their child and procedures for setting up and conducting play sessions. The therapist begins the session with a discussion of homework assignments and review of Child-Parent Relationship Therapy skills, focusing on reflective responding. The informal sharing time in the group provides an opportunity to check in with each parent’s progress on collecting toys for their filial play kits and facilitate sharing of ideas for toys that parents had difficulty finding. After reviewing the basic guidelines for the play session, parents view a video-recorded demonstration play session or a live play session conducted by the therapist in order to observe play session skills in action. Parents are given the handout, Play Session Procedures Checklist, with additional tips for ensuring a successful play session.