chapter  Chapter 13
CPRT Training Session 6: Supervision and Choice Giving
WithGarry L. Landreth, Sue C. Bratton
Pages 21

The therapist provides suggestions and points out Child-Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT) skills demonstrated as parents describe play session happenings, attending carefully to feelings expressed by parents. Parents’ growing confidence in themselves and the use of their newly acquired skills becomes evident in their interactions during the group supervision and feedback time in each session. Weekly supervision of video-recorded sessions, along with the accompanying dynamics of group interaction and various learning experiences that naturally occur, is a powerful process and the cornerstone to the success of CPRT training. As successful use of CPRT skills outside the play sessions naturally occurs, the therapist can begin to add homework assignments that encourage generalization of skills; for example, by giving parents an assignment to practice making a therapeutic limit-setting response to a typical happening outside the play session. The therapist uses parents’ spontaneous sharing of limit-setting struggles to review and practice the skill.