chapter  Chapter 17
CPRT Training Session 10: Evaluation and Summing Up
WithGarry L. Landreth, Sue C. Bratton
Pages 24

Parents briefly report on their play sessions and one or two parent play sessions are viewed. Basic Child-Parent Relationship Therapy principles are reviewed, and parents are asked to share what part of the training has been the most helpful and what parts they continue to have the most concerns about. Supervision, evaluation, and follow-up are the primary concerns of training sessions. Continuing supervision in the last session is important because parents need all the feedback they can get, and issues emerge in supervision that might not otherwise be explored. Time must be taken to emphasize the importance of the special playtimes and encourage parents to continue to have their special playtimes. The therapist shares her notes of parents original descriptions of their children as points of reference for parents to evaluate progress. Parents can also be asked to share how what they have learned has been transferred or generalized to other children in the family.