chapter  Chapter 18
Adapting CPRT for Parents of Toddlers
WithMary Morrison Bennett, Kara Carnes-Holt
Pages 16

Training and supervision in traditional Child-Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT) is highly recommended before facilitating the adapted models of CPRT. Most parents of toddlers are at the beginning phase of parenting and often determining their parenting philosophy. Adapting CPRT for toddlers can assist parents in developmentally appropriate expectations and the creation of secure attuned relationships with their young child. Toddlers experience intense emotional highs and lows, as do their parents in trying to be sensitive to their child’s needs. Brain development during the toddler stage has a primary focus of integration of numerous functions, such as perceptual, cognitive, and language, and child-led play is an important component in the process. Healthy attachment enhances the child’s ability to feel safe and secure and to self-regulate. While the intent of CPRT rule is to foster the child’s independence and sense of confidence, it is important to also consider the guideline within a multicultural framework.