chapter  Chapter 8
CPRT Training Session 1: Training Objectives and Reflective Responding
WithGarry L. Landreth, Sue C. Bratton
Pages 37

Parents are introduced to the basic premises and objectives of Child-Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT), emphasizing children’s use of play to communicate their experiences, thoughts, and feelings. Training focuses on helping parents develop sensitivity to their children’s emotional world through the skill of reflective responding. The mirror can be a powerful analogy to help parents understand that a child’s view of self is essentially what is mirrored back by the significant adults in his life. Role-play and demonstrations are critical experiences for parents. The partial transcripts provide an opportunity to examine the CPRT process as it was lived out by the therapist and parents. The importance of facilitating a group process where parents feel supported, while presenting key concepts, cannot be overstated. Parents introduce themselves and describe their family. The most difficult aspect of reflective responding is helping parents identify and reflect their children’s feelings, wants, and wishes.