chapter  Chapter 9
CPRT Training Session 2: Basic Principles for Play Sessions
WithGarry L. Landreth, Sue C. Bratton
Pages 30

The primary focus for CPRT Training Session 2 is to begin preparing parents to conduct their 30-minute home play sessions by reviewing reflective responding and familiarizing parents with the basic principles for play sessions. This chapter illustrates the partial transcript of Child-Parent Relationship Therapy training Session 2 found at the essential therapist skills needed to facilitate a supportive atmosphere while presenting key concepts and points to be covered. The therapist provides parents with the Toy Checklist for Play Sessions and gives a brief discussion of the overall rationale and importance for inclusion of specific toys and materials within three broad categories: real-life/nurturing toys; acting-out/aggressive release toys; and creative/expressive toys. Remind parents that the attitude of fully being with their children goes along with the attitude of allowing children the freedom to lead the play. The location chosen is also dependent on whether other family members are home at the time the play session will be held.