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Encounters and Clashes: Introduction to Translation and Ideology

ByIntroduction to Translation and Ideology University of Leicester, UK University of Leeds, UK

Ideology, often in its manifestation as ‘power’, has become increasingly central to work in translation studies. However, to date most edited volumes, including those since the turn of the millenium (e.g. von Flotow 2000, Gentzler and Tymoczko 2002, Calzada Pérez 2003, Faiq 2004, Bermann and Wood 2005) have focused especially on literary and religious texts, thus limiting wider understanding of how ideological clashes and encounters pervade any context where power inequalities are present. Although the resulting tension may seldom be explicitly formulated, acknowledged and foregrounded, these power inequalities contribute to the shaping of unequal relationships at the micro-level of personal interaction between participants as well as at the macro-level of national and global socio-political affairs.