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The ‘Truth’ about Sexual Difference: Scientific Discourse and

Scientific Discourse and Cultural Transfer DOLORES SÁNCHEZ University of Granada, Spain
ByCultural Transfer Dolores Sánchez, Spain

In the past twenty years, much research in translation studies has been concerned with the study of translation as a place of reproduction of, resistance to

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and/or rupture with hegemonic representations of gender in Western cultures. So-called feminist approaches to translation have generated much debate that highlights the essentialism underlying these approaches, which consider categories such as woman, gender and gender identity to be stable and univocal (see, for example, Maier and Massardier-Kenney 996). Recently, other studies have developed this line of criticism to engage in a fruitful dialogue between translation theory and gender studies, deconstructing the essentialism of both key concepts of the descriptivist paradigm of contemporary translation theory and some of the categories of so-called cultural feminism (for example, Martín 2005). Overall, however, research in the field of translation and gender generally continues to focus on ‘woman’ or ‘women’ as the subject-object of processes of representation in discourse or as discourse producers/mediators.