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Recontextualization of News Discourse: A Case Study of Translation of News Discourse on North Korea Ji-Hae Kang, Republic of Korea

ByA Case Study of Translation of News Discourse on North Korea Ajou University, Suwon, Republic of Korea

Keywords. News discourse, institutional translation, recontextualization, North Korea

Translation occurs in multiple stages of gathering, generating and disseminating international news. The events being reported may take place in a language

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other than the official language of the relevant news publication, thus requiring the presence of interpreters at the event or journalists later writing the news story to engage in the act of interpreting or translating. International events may also be reported by national or local news institutions that translate the ‘resource material’ provided by major news agencies. Similarly, translation may take place in local news media companies that publish, under a licence arrangement, regionally delivered editions of international news magazines. While these are only a few out of a variety of contexts in which translation is firmly embedded in the process of news reporting, they suggest that news translation involves a process of recontextualization that may be intricately associated with issues of voice, representation, institutional authority and ideology.