chapter  5
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Identifying a Policy Hierarchy Communication Policy, Media Industries, and Globalization

This chapter explains the public production of culture in Ferrara. It argues the most important product of Ferrara's urban culture policy is the immaterial city that is the city of art and culture. The chapter considers the goals that have been pursued, particularly that of turning culture into an economic investment and of placing Ferrara on the international market of cities of art and culture, thus aiming at a global public. The project of Ferrara as a city of art and culture5 comes materially into being in the Investment Plan for the years from 1988 to 1990. In the 1970s the artisanal cultural entrepreneur who organized quality shows operated in a restricted market, with personal knowledge and relationships at the national and international level, in a climate of limited competition and little organizational complexity. The Great Events are a complicated form of cultural activity, the product of a system of collective action involving numerous actors, organizations, and resources.