chapter  8
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Cultural Policy as Marketing Strategy The Economic Consequences of Cultural Tourism in New York City

The culture of Japan that is considered worth appreciating is usually something traditional which is to be put on exhibit to show its irreducible uniqueness. It is the shift from a Western gaze to a global gaze that Japanese cultural hegemony thrives on. Although commodities and images are dominated by a small number of wealthy countries, including Japan, and many parts of the world are still excluded from enjoying global cultural consumption, their presence and uneven distributions are becoming more difficult to demarcate. This testifies to another trend that of the globalization process promoting intraregional cultural flow among non-Western countries. While what Japan can export to Western countries is still limited to well-recognized culturally odorless products, much broader selections of Japanese TV programs and popular music are increasing their presence in Asian markets. The popularity of Japanese popular culture in Taiwan has an impact on the export strategies of Japanese cultural industries.