chapter  2
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Tall Hisban: Palimpsest of Great and Little Traditions

In 1987, Author began his work with Madaba Plains Project (MPP) at Tall al-Umayri, and it was after this season that several sites, identified by the Hinterland Survey under the direction of ystein LaBianca, were made available for excavation. Domestic architecture was exposed at Tall Jawa in two strata of the Iron Age. In Stratum VIII, a large agglutinative domestic complex was exposed in Field E on the north. All of the houses at Tall Jawa were built using field stones in boulder-and-chink construction with certain interior walls making use of stone pillars. The pillars were either stacked boulders or monoliths supported by low partition walls of small boulders and cobbles forming windows. Stone construction also characterizes the architecture of Khirbat al-Mudayna. In the excavation of this site on the north rim of the Dibon plateau, our project made use of the revised version of the MPP locus sheets along with the expanded Tall Jawa feature registration system.