chapter  5
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Moderation Management: A Mutual-Help Organization for Problem Drinkers Who Are Not Alcohol-Dependent

ByAnna Lembke, Keith Humphreys

This chapter summarizes the history of youth involvement in mutual support groups and reviews research on youth involvement in mutual support meetings and evidence of effectiveness. Mutual support groups have the potential to be a powerful support network for adolescents; however, research related to youth participation is in its early stages. It describes implementation of and lessons learned from a pilot study that attempted to increase youth attendance and involvement with three types of 12-step groups. One of the logical next steps for research in this area is to progress to experiments that can help provide answers about how best to improve youth attendance. The chapter provides recommendations for future research related to mutual support groups and youth. In conclusion, the referrals of youth to mutual support groups by treatment professionals, the prevalence of some groups in the United States, and relatively small number of studies published on youth participation in these groups provide plentiful opportunities to address research questions.