chapter  8
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Methadone Anonymous and Mutual Support for Medication-Assisted Recovery

ByWalter Ginter

Methadone maintenance (MM) patients have historically encountered many obstacles in their transition from active addiction to recovery, including barriers to participation in such recovery support groups as Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA; Ginter, 2009; Obuchowsky & Zweben, 1987; White, 2011; White & Torres, 2010). These obstacles stem in great part from the myths, misconceptions, and professional and social stigma attached to methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) since its inception (Murphy & Irwin, 1992; Vigilant, 2005; Zweben & Sorensen, 1988). This article will discuss the challenges MM patients face in participating in mainstream recovery mutual-aid groups, review the history and program of Methadone

Anonymous (MA), and discuss other recovery supports currently available to MM patients.