chapter  10
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Giving Back and Getting Something Back: The Role of Mutual-Aid Groups for Individuals in Recovery From Incarceration, Addiction, and Mental Illness

ByChyrell D. Bellamy, Michael Rowe, Patricia Benedict, Larry Davidson

The concept of “giving back” is a common theme in the community narrative of individuals who are in recovery from former incarcerations (as well as other concerns such as addictions and mental illness). Maruna, LeBel, Mitchell, and Naples (2004) suggest that these individuals “ . . . have to feel that this reintegration has been justified by their own efforts to ‘make good and redress past crimes”’ (p. 272). By giving back, people are able to make something good come out of their former difficult situations. But what about the response of a peer-support staff member in relation to the importance of giving back?