chapter  13
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Young people’s participation in school design: exploring diversity and power in a UK governmental policy case-study

R. Parnell and M. Patsarika The University of Sheffield, School of Architecture and the Centre for the Study of Childhood and

Youth, Sheffield, UK


A fast growing body of literature evaluating participatory practices for children and young

people,1 such as in-house organisational assessments, governmental reports, ‘how-to’ guides

and toolkits, is suggestive of the contemporary increasing spread of the ‘participation move-

ment’ in childhood and youth discourses (Kirby and Bryson 2002, p. 2). In the particular case

of this research study, such participation discourses are examined in the context of designing

and procuring new schools; a process where in England, ‘every community – parents, teachers,

employers, and local authorities – should play a full part in agreeing the capital strategy’ (DfES

2003, p. 11).