chapter  8
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Urban Water Service Policies and Management in Spain: Pending Issues

ByFrancisco González-Gómez, Miguel A. García-Rubio & Jorge Guardiola

This chapter presents an overview of the evolution of desalination in Spain in particular, the roles that the government and the companies involved hold, the technological characteristics of this process, the costs that come with its application and the impact that this activity has on the environment are dealt with. It describes the growing water capacity coming from desalination in Spain. The chapter analyzes the environmental impact of CO2 emissions, as well as other environmental impacts associated with desalination. The reorientation of the water policy in the 2005 Spanish National Hydrological Plan (PHN) is articulated in AGUA programme. Aiming to deal with water shortages, it contemplates the optimization of the existing infrastructures of storage and distribution, irrigation and urban supply, as well as the use of non-conventional resources such as sewage disposal, reutilization and desalination.