chapter  3
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The European Water Framework Directive: A Framework?

ByFrancisco Cabezas

This chapter analyses the pending issues in terms of urban water service policies and management in Spain. It describes the legal framework for managing the service, paying particular attention to different forms of management. The chapter analyzes the Spanish tariff framework and the difficulties involved in fully recovering the costs advocated by the water framework directive (WFD). It discusses the quality of water at origin and after treatment, together with the level of quality perceived by users. The chapter explores the problem of the large amount of unaccounted-for water. It describes the sewage system and the treatment of urban waste waters which remains insufficient. The chapter includes the main conclusions and recommendations stemming from the research. Pragmatic factors rather than ideological reasons are behind the decision to outsource the management of urban water service. As can be appreciated, there is still a great deal of room for improvement in Spain where urban water service is concerned.