chapter  6
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Implications for practice from ‘International review of the evidence on best practice in educational provision for children on the autism spectrum’

ByKaren Guldberg, Sarah Parsons, Andrea MacLeod, Glenys Jones, Anita Prunty, Tish Balfe

There is now a wealth of information on the autism spectrum and on interventions that may be effective in supporting those children and young people on it. With the rapid increase in the use of the Internet by practitioners and parents and proponents of particular approaches, it can be overwhelming and difficult to make decisions on how best to help. Faced with competing claims and limited resources, families, teaching

staff and providers of services need a way to make sense of all the information available. Reviews of research evidence, such as the one reported here (Parsons et al., this volume), commissioned by the National Council for Special Education, are one way of weighing up the relative merits of different courses of action. The review used a methodology that took into account research evidence, policy development and expert opinion. Full details of this process can be found in the original report (Parsons et al. 2009).