chapter  1
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Evidence-based practice in educating deaf and hard-of-hearing children: teaching to their cognitive strengths and needs

ByMarc Marschark, Patricia Elizabeth Spencer, Jennifer Adams, Patricia Sapere

This chapter highlights that there is a need for more robust research evidence to guide the educational provision made for children on the autism spectrum. More empirical research is needed on what constitutes an inclusive education for children and young people on the autism spectrum and on the effect of different educational settings and interventions. The research literature and policy reports indicate that ongoing parent or carer and teacher collaboration is an essential element in effective education. Educational interventions need to focus on the individual child's needs, and should take account of the family's wishes. The chapter examines the key implications for policymakers and practitioners that arose from the evidence reviewed regarding best practice in educational provision. It focuses on the themes of educational provision and interventions; learning and development; positive partnerships and training. The chapter summarises the implications for practice arising from the International review of the evidence on best practice in educational provision for children on autism spectrum.