chapter  16
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The sounds of silence in educational tracking: a longitudinal, ethnographic case study

WithRebecca Rogers

In 1996, I began an ethnographic study of the educational lives of the Treaders, an African-

American family living in poverty in inner city, Albany, NY (Rogers, 2003). Ten years later,

as the oldest of five children, Vicky Treader, finished high school, I wondered about the critical

junctures and trajectories that shaped and defined her life. To find out, I designed a follow-up

study – what Saldana (2003) refers to as a ‘restudy’ with the family.1 My research followed

a tradition of scholarship where critical discourse analysis (CDA) and ethnography were inte-

grated at every stage and level from critical framing and theorization to analysis and represen-

tation (Blommaert, 2008; Martı´n Rojo, 2010; Scollon & Scollon, 2004).