chapter  3
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Recontextualising fascist ideologies of the past: right-wing discourses on employment and nativism in Austria and the United Kingdom

ByJohn E. Richardson, Ruth Wodak

On 10 September 2007, Gordon Brown gave his first speech as Prime Minister to the Trades

Union Congress. In this speech, described as a bid to ‘outflank [Conservative Leader] David

Cameron over immigration’,1 he pledged to guarantee a ‘British job to every British worker’.

This would be achieved through, amongst other measures, requiring migrant workers ‘to learn

English – a requirement we are prepared to extend to lower skilled workers as well’.2 Two

weeks later, on 24 September 2007, Brown took his message to the Labour Party Conference

and a much wider national audience. The press had been briefed on what he would say:

British patriotism and British workers would form central planks to his conference address. In

the days that followed, journalists and political commentators focused their, and our, attentions

on a short passage and on one phrase in particular, a little over half way into the speech: