chapter  4
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Teacher education in the United States of America

ByDavid Imig, Donna Wiseman, Scott Imig

Teacher education in the USA is experiencing extraordinary challenges as competing visions for how we educate our teachers are being promoted by government, various ‘think tanks’, professional societies and others. There is little evidence to suggest that there is any one right way to prepare teachers and this has invited extraordinary efforts to experiment with alternative models (National Research Council 2010). So-called ‘traditionalists’ (those representing university-based teacher education and the teacher unions) are pitted against ‘reformers’ (those representing major philanthropic foundations, the Obama administration and leading reform groups) with efforts made to recast teacher education in the USA. As this paper was being finalised, the federal government released a solicitation (ED-IES-11-R-0054) for an $8 million Study of Promising Teacher Preparation Programs, targeted at measuring the effectiveness of ‘teacher preparation in traditional university-based settings’.