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Waiting for Queer

ByStacy Holman Jones

Early to bed, early to rise, no future but the reproduction of the straight state, nation, capital. Family time conforms to modernist notions of time, which organise life as a march to and toward events that fulfil normative notions of ‘progress’ and neoliberal ideals—compliance and performance at school, heterosexual marriage and reproduction, entrance into the workforce and contribution to the corporate state, military service and participation in the work of the nation state, etc. (Freeman, 2010; Puar, 2007; Halberstam, 2005, Edelman, 2004). Family time “refers to the normative scheduling of daily life (early to bed, early to rise) that accompanies the practice of child rearing” (Halberstam, 2005, p. 5). Even when people do not or cannot have children, the overriding belief in our culture is that reproduction and marching to the clock of family time is both “natural and desirable” (Halberstam, 2005, p. 5). Early to bed, early to rise, the only future we glimpsed or are promised by family time “is that of reproductive majoritarian heterosexuality, the spectacle of the state refurbishing its ranks through overt and subsidized acts of reproduction” (Muñoz, 2009, p. 22). See: Queer Time, Queer Futurity.