chapter  6
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African solutions to Western problems

Western-sponsored training programmes for African militaries – impact on peace and democratic consolidation
ByDavid Chuter

This chapter suggests that “the nature and character of the pre-1964 Zambian military is critical to understanding subsequent developments” is true of most other African militaries as well. It focuses on the origins of Western-inspired training programmes, and why they have encountered the problems they have. The current round of Western-sponsored training programmes can be seen as the fourth, since the first substantial European military engagement in Africa. The chapter argues that, in spite of the advertised objectives of assisting peace and democracy, such initiatives have actually had little effect on either, but that there are grounds for thinking that other sorts of initiatives ultimately might. Many former British and French colonies achieved independence peacefully. The changes that have taken place in Western policy towards training African Armies since the end of the Cold War have been numerous, varying over time and not internally consistent.