chapter  23
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General Linear Models: MANOVA and MANCOVA

THIS IS the first chapter describing a procedure that uses several dependent variables concurrently within the same analysis: Multivariate Analysis of Variance (MANOVA) and Covariance (MANCOVA). The General Linear Model procedure is used to perform MANOVA in SPSS and is one of the more complex commands in SPSS. It can be used, in fact, to compute multivariate linear regression, as well as MANOVA and MANCOVA. This chapter describes how to perform MANOVA and MANCOVA, and Chapter 24 goes on to illustrate multivariate analysis of variance using within-subjects designs and repeated-measures designs. Because the procedures are so complex, we will restrict our discussion here to the most frequently used options. The procedures described in this chapter are an extension of ANOVA; if you are unfamiliar with ANOVA, you should ground yourself firmly in those operations (see Chapters 12-14) before attempting to conduct a MANOVA.