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Data Files

Available for download from are 11 different data files that have been used to demonstrate procedures in this book. There is also a 12th file not utilized to demonstrate procedures in the book but included on the website (and in the Instructor’s Manual) for additional exercises. There are also data files for all of the exercises, with the exception of the exercises for Chapter 3 (as the whole point of those exercises is to practice entering data!). You can tell from the name of the data file which exercise it goes with: for example, ex14-1.sav is the dataset for Chapter 14, Exercise 1. The grades.sav file is the most thoroughly documented and demonstrates procedures in 16 of the 28 chapters. This file is described in detail in Chapters 1 and 3. For analyses described in the other 12 chapters, it was necessary to employ different types of data to illustrate. On the website, all files utilized in this book are included. What follows are brief narrative introductions to each file, and when appropriate, critical variables are listed and described. Before presenting this, we comment briefly on how to read a data file from an external source (as opposed to reading it from the hard drive of your computer, as is illustrated in all chapters of this book).