chapter  1
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An Overview of IBM SPSS Statistics

Introduction: An Overview of IBM SPSS Statistics 23 THIS BOOK gives you the step-by-step instructions necessary to do most major types of data analysis using SPSS. The software was originally created by three Stanford graduate students in the late 1960s. The acronym “SPSS” initially stood for “Statistical Package for the Social Sciences.” As SPSS expanded their package to address the hard sciences and business markets, the name changed to “Statistical Product and Service Solutions.” In 2009 IBM purchased SPSS and the name morphed to “IBM SPSS Statistics.” SPSS is now such a standard in the industry that IBM has retained the name due to its recognizability. No one particularly cares what the letters “SPSS” stand for any longer. IBM SPSS Statistics is simply one of the world’s largest and most successful statistical software companies. In this book we refer to the program as SPSS.