chapter  30
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Experiences of Learning from Edith Kramer and Translating Her Book

WithShyueying Chiang

Shyueying Chiang begins this chapter with her first impressions of New York City and Edith Kramer as a student from Taiwan. She emphasizes the practicality of the art as therapy approach, especially when working across cultures, something she experienced personally when adjusting to a new country and a new career. It is captivating to read about various classroom experiences with Edith in the “Art for Art Therapists” class. We learn that Edith was not in the least concerned about getting paint or clay on her clothing, a very “hands on” approach. We read about the challenges of bringing art as therapy back to Taiwan and the eventual decision to translate Art as Therapy with Children. She reveals some of the cultural considerations in such an undertaking and shows us sensitive ways of handling such issues.