chapter  34
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Religion and Cultural Humility

Lessons Learned in Conversation and Practice 1
WithSusan Ainlay Anand

Edith Kramer’s advice to talk to the self-taught artists of Mississippi about art making and inner satisfaction led the author to take a closer look at how religion and culture intertwine with purpose and drive for these artists and for patients in art therapy in the South. Through examples of artwork and conversations with the self-taught and patients, Susan Anand illustrates how religious faith is a part of the cultural fabric in Mississippi and plays a unique role in people’s perceptions of the world and their artwork. The discoveries she has made from these conversations and art therapy practice, combined with Kramer’s teachings, have contributed to her views on cultural humility and the need to question biases and assumptions by maintaining a curious stance when working with others in art therapy. By doing so, Anand believes we can provide a safe space for a community of shared cultures, which allows for a restorative process in times of struggle or even joy.