chapter  38
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On Leaving and Preserving

WithDavid Henley

In this chapter, Henley gives an account of the last days in which Edith Kramer spent at her New York City painting loft. After describing a colorful account of her departure when she returned to her native Austria, Henley recounts his realization that some seventy years of Kramer’s archival material and artwork needed to be documented and cataloged. After four years of sorting this material, Henley, and then head archivist Nancy Cricco, formed the Edith Kramer Papers that is housed in the Bobst Library at New York University. The archived material traces Kramer’s life from her childhood drawings and family photographs, through her clinical and teaching years, along with hundreds of works of art from every stage of her career. This legacy is available for anyone to research, study, or enjoy – the seminal work of our founding mother.