chapter  39
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Creating a World of Possibility

Life Lessons from Edith Kramer
WithLani Gerity

This chapter is a subversive look at how to live a satisfied, inspired, curious, happy artist life, based on learnings from Edith Kramer. Gerity started realizing when Edith was in her eighties that she was extremely engaged in life and art making, with stimulating friends coming to share stories and tea. In this chapter, we learn that we can also live fulfilling, useful, happy lives. This chapter is full of little thought-provoking seeds of wisdom: “Look for good, interesting, curious things every day. Use them in your art. Make art every day.” The subversive aspect of these life lessons is that we actually have the answers within our grasp. In fact, these are not something acquired from the external world, like another set of letters after our names, but things that we discover within and while sharing with others in a generous, compassionate community.