chapter  10
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Bridging Gaps: Elizabeth Cary as Translator and Historian

ByGunilla Florby

In the case of the L'Estranges, later loyalism followed from ardent Civil War royalism. Sir Hamon L'Estrange Bt. was successively Sheriff and Deputy Lieutenant of Norfolk and sat in Parliament for a seat controlled by the Howards, Dukes of Norfolk. A broader perspective on the religious views of the L'Estranges is given by Sir Nicholas's collection of anecdotes, a substantial number of which were contributed by his parents, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles. Sir Roger L'Estrange, having earlier annoyed the fourth Lord by demanding changes to his Narrative of the Long Parliament, supported Sir Dudley North in the hotly contested London shrieval election of 1682. Since the works in which he comes closest to Jenkins, and which would have been of the greatest interest to the Norths and L'Estranges, are his fantasia suites in five and six parts, it will be helpful in defining Jenkins's achievement to approach him through a comparison with those of his towering contemporary.