chapter  1
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Worldwide Knowledge? Global Firms, Local Labour and the Region

In daily life learning serves to acquire, communicate, preserve, use, complement, refresh and refine knowledge. In a nutshell, learning is usually considered the acquisition, adoption and appropriation of knowledge, shared visions, patterns of interpretation and other cognitive constructs. From a sociological perspective meaningful' action implies intentional' and motivated' action. Meaningful action is thus understood as a contrast and opposition to rule-governed behaviour'. While behaviour' is the aspect of action which can be observed by others, meaningful action is always meaningful and intentional to the acting person. Patterns of meaning can evolve over time, for example in a work team. Creating new or modified meanings which have not previously existed in the team is a process of mutual co-construction. Institutional arrangements can facilitate the creation of meaningful work. Labour law offers a basic framework for this, to which further regulations are added such as collective agreements and company agreements.