chapter  7
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Analytical World Environments

ByVadim Slavin, Randy Stiles, Thomas Trinko

It is hard to imagine the future of humanity without computers. With advances in computing power and algorithms machines will become more and more sophisticated in the way they process and use information. Advances in human-system collaboration follow this natural evolution of the machine. Sophisticated reasoning, input and output technologies will reduce the impedance between human and machine allowing a broader domain of individuals to tap into the full power of sophisticated tools tailored for critical applications. One such application is a virtual mixed-initiative 1 environment for analysis of intelligence data. One can imagine how a human and a machine will work together in the near future to collaboratively solve problems based on the current vision for the future and supported by ongoing research efforts. To illustrate the possibilities we provide a day-in-the-life of future intelligence analysts who are working to understand patterns in intelligence data.