chapter  6
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The Soul of Soulless Conditions: Paganism, Goddess Religion and Witchcraft in Canada

The Islamic diaspora in western countries is often viewed as a homogenous entity. Canadian society has become increasingly religiously diverse in the past thirty years due to immigration patterns. The Muslim women focused upon within this study are not being confronted by a new culture, but rather have been raised within, and feel completely at ease in, Canadian culture. A high percentage of second generation Muslim females in Canada have a strong involvement in their religion. The results reveal that the fundamentalists tend to keep their style of Islam to themselves, or confine it institutionally to the university Muslim Student Association (MSA) or chat groups in cyberspace. All of the Salafist and the majority of the highly-involved women were actively involved in the Muslim Student Associations on university campuses. The development of faith for most of the Muslim youth interviewed seems to be based on individual searches: using the internet, reading articles and books, listening to scholars.