chapter  2
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Singleness and Secularization: British Evangelical Women and Church (Dis)affiliation

This chapter examines the phenomena of paganism and Goddess religion as one means through which people, especially women, interested in constructing a relationship with the divine are doing so, despite and perhaps because of secularization. It is in this context that the logic of neo-paganism becomes compelling, especially women, postulating as it does a spirituality based on a personal, individual, non-prescriptive relationship with an immanent and pervasive divinity. The emergence of spiritualities in which the individual, rather than the proximal social group in which the individual is located, is taken as the basic unit of analysis could be taken as an indication that the forces of secularization that first moved religious concerns out of the sphere of civil discourse and into the sequestered environment of institutional religion have now further disembedded those concerns, leaving them to be constructed wholly within the individual's own ontological discourse and reflexive biography. According to Statistics Canada, paganism is the fastest growing religion in Canada.