chapter  3
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When Young Women Say ‘Yes’: Exploring the Sexual Selves of Young Canadian Women in Protestant Churches

This chapter examines research with Christian and neo-pagan feminist women in the UK. One of the early results of the research was a clear indication that there was a significant segment of participants who saw themselves as incorporating elements of both Christianity and neo-paganism into their personal spiritualities. Some of these participants identify as Christian, some as pagan, others are consciously identifying as both, but all are strongly attracted to, and utilize elements of, both forms of religiosity. Fusers are an important emerging religious group who help to answer the underlying questions and indicate one way in which Christianity is adapting in the face of secularization and a strong turn to new forms of spirituality. It examines how feminist women in the UK deconstruct pre-given notions of God and the sacred, and re-imagine the divine for themselves. The research is based upon participant observation of two ritual groups and 50 semi-structured interviews.