chapter  3
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Gladstone and Labour

The subject of Gladstone's health between 1868 and 1885 has received insufficient attention. References to the subject place more emphasis on illness linked to political pressure than to pathological causes. This chapter examines the effect of both political pressure and pathological illness on Gladstone, both in office and in opposition. Gladstone's main legislative undertaking on commencing his first administration was the Irish Church Bill, introduced to the Commons in March 1869. The length of Clark's attendance on Gladstone was striking given his commitments in both hospital and private practice. Politically, 1872 brought a settlement with the United States of the long dispute regarding the vessel Alabama and further work on the Ballot Bill, passed in July. The trigeminal or fifth cranial nerve provides the sensory supply to the face, most of the scalp, the teeth and the oral and nasal cavities. Political pressure had an effect on Gladstone's health but so did pathological illness.