chapter  6
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Selective Conscientious Objection and the Just Society 1

ByDan Zupan

This chapter defines a selective conscientious objector as a person in the armed forces. It explores the permissible for a soldier to claim selective conscientious objection status without fear of legal or other sanction. The chapter examines that the American Armed Services, in uniform who refuses to go to war, for whatever reason, faces legal sanction, up to and including imprisonment. It also argues that a just society should allow a person to claim selective conscientious objection without that person being subject to any negative sanctions. Soldier refuses an order to kill a non-combatant and has the moral courage to report the heinous order to his superiors, lauded for his behaviour. When a soldier makes their oath, they have consented to follow the mandates of their elected leaders. The rhetoric, democratic societies, or so-called democratic societies. In the course of the argument, a concomitant obligation emerges to selectively object to participate in an unjust war.