chapter  1
24 Pages

‘Wall-to-wall coverage’

An introduction to murals tourism
ByJonathan Skinner, Lee Jolliffe

This chapter reviews why murals matter and examines the relation of murals to their three themes of heritage, politics and identity that frame the investigation of visiting murals. Murals are a form of public art that can be viewed at all times and from many different physical viewpoints in the context of the urban environments of towns and cities. From a heritage perspective, murals represent an accessible and popular form of the expression of local characteristics and identities. The subject of murals can be seen as apolitical or political. Apolitical murals include heritage-themed murals painted for beautification or tourism purposes, as well as advertising murals. The medium of the mural painted on a wall provides an accessible means for the expression of local identity that can easily be communicated to both residents and visitors. Finally, the chapter presents an organization of this book in more detail.