chapter  11
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Visiting murals and graffiti art in Brazil

ByAngela C. Flecha, Cristina Jönsson, D’Arcy Dornan

This chapter describes the role of murals in the expression of Brazilian identity, delving into their meanings as a reflection of society. It draws upon historical and contemporary sources on visibility in the expression of the art in murals painted either in inside environments or on outside walls by Brazilian artists. The chapter investigates the murals and urban art-related tourism products (cultural heritage and or art trails), key people in the world of tourism and art (murals and urban art-related tourism sectors). It also introduces the development of tourism routes related to murals, as in the Brazilian cities of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, where visitors can visit and experience Brazilian urban art. Graffiti is an art that is subversive at its roots. It is important to note, then, how graffiti relates to the contemporary muralist movements and pop art. The messages contained in graffiti art generally reflect the struggles associated with urban living and issues of oppression.