chapter  12
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How Is Ethical Revolution Possible?

ByBuket Korkut Raptis

In this chapter, I will only focus on the first dimension of ethical discourse (that addresses how we are supposed to live together) and try to explain the conditions necessary for the possibility of a revolutionary ethical discourse, i.e., the kind of discourse that leads to a revolutionary change for a better social world. The urgency of addressing this question resides in our contemporary situation and has become apparent with the recent economic crisis that had a global effect on different social worlds. Our current condition, then, seems to call for a revolutionary ethical discourse that addresses how we might transform our situation so as to achieve a better social life. Therefore, a theoretical understanding of the necessary conditions for the possibility of a revolutionary ethical discourse is much needed for pursuing such a discourse in practice within a particular social world, or in the worst case, for understanding why such a discourse cannot be initiated in that particular social world.