chapter  6
The ‘Unusual Suspects’: Radical Repertoires in Consensual Settings
Pages 17

This chapter refers to the perspectives of the protagonists, those involved in violent acts, and especially the anarchist groups of the Exarcheia neighbourhood of Athens. It argues that they are best conceptualized as 'urban riots'. The chapter discusses a perspective that helps explain much about hidden aspects of the violence, and the confused reactions to it by institutional actors of state, party, media and intelligentsia. Exarcheia is a neighbourhood inhabited by students, intellectuals and radicals. Historically it has been the epicentre of numerous left-wing movements. Regarding the collective action frames of the protagonists, the anarchists attacked private property, consumerism, the forces of repression, and the state. At the level of local contention, mobilization varied by social movement sector. Many veteran activists from the left and the anarchist community were mobilized, but the key difference was the spontaneous participation of high-school students, immigrants and the small-time outlaws of the city centres.