chapter  7
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Reintegrating the exiles

Violence, urban landscape and memory in early Hellenistic Tegea
ByElias Koulakiotis

This chapter focuses on a crucial moment of a city’s life; the reintegration of ex-citizens into the community of the polis. It takes into account the so-called spatial turn in the humanities and tries to investigate the role of urban landscape in the reintegration of exiles into the corps of citizens. The Hellenistic historian Polybius, when presenting the attitudes of his fellow Arcadians, insists on the violence provoked during such confrontations within the cities’ populations. The aforementioned evidence showed that the conceptualization and function of city space in Tegea could not avoid involving the management of violence, since this latter aspect was part of the civic life by the end of the fourth century. The case of Tegea represents a pertinent example of controlling inter- and intra-communal violence, with special reference to important economic and juridical matters which might ensue.