chapter  6
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From Stronghold to Threshold: New Library and New Opportunities

This chapter takes the University of Aberdeen’s new University Library and Special Collections Centre as a case study and outlines some of the thinking and decision processes involved throughout the project – from design brief to construction and occupation. (For further information and illustrations, see University of Aberdeen 2012.) It includes discussion on some of the change activities which the library staff undertook in the period leading up to the move into the new building. My own involvement in the project coincided with the submission for planning permission, and my own background included having spent over 20 years at the British Library and having been involved in the Library’s move from the British Museum to the new building at St Pancras in London. The chapter describes the approach taken in planning the internal layouts and location of activities in a completely new building, the noise management strategy, the promotion of the project and the engagement and consultation with audiences who might and would use the building, the selection of on-site open-access stock, the ways in which library staff were involved with the project, and some management issues involved in what were essentially multiple interlinked projects, particularly at the point where the building was being ¿tted out in preparation for its occupation and opening.